Jonathan Wu is an aspiring singer songwriter and writer and a Canadian citizen who happens to like taking photographs. He hasn’t really accomplished much in the literary world (hoping to change that) or the photography world (also working on changing that), but has faired a bit better in music with a resume of documentaries made about him, opening spots for Avril Lavigne (sellout side) and Jose Gonzalez (hipster side) and Feeder (not sure what side), creating three albums, and having had photos of him taken at shows in which it looks as if he sounded first rate. He’s obsessed with Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. He loves reading novels and is big fan of Dave Eggers, Junot Diaz, Michael Chabon, and those of the like.

Christal Yuen has been writing since freshmen year of high school. Stuck in un-inspiring Syracuse University, she relies on the internet, music and novels to keep the imagination alive. Romantical  music inspirations include Jason Mraz, The Hush Sound, Justin Nozuka and Jay Chou; author Cormac McCarthy is her writing staple, where as Chuck Palahniuk and John Green inspire humor and life. Her fanpage on facebook is dearskye. and she aspires to translate her writing ideas on screen. Photograph is a way of viewing the imagination first, after all film is just pictures running at 24 seconds per frame.

Preston Hartwick is the sexiest contributor of the collective. He enjoys spending his time looking into a mirror that is reflecting him and another mirror behind him so he can see himself infinite times over. He also enjoys writing and taking photos.

Charis Poon can draw like nobody else can. She used to wield black ink pens as her artistic tool of choice but has lately converted to staring at computer screens for hours on end with her right hand glued to a mouse and the left hand as master of the keyboard. Currently residing in a converted living room in New York City studying to become some sort of designer, she has already managed to fulfil a number of societal cliches in her life. She also blogs at Oh, and she takes photos and writes.

JJ Chun is the tallest contributor at the moment (still waiting for a reply from Yao Ming).

Natalie Lau is an exclusive member of the prestigious I Am Natalie Lau Club also known as IANLC.

Geoff Wong owns expensive shoes. He will be living in a single person dorm next year (ladies).

Vanessa has a penchant for Phoebe Philo, ginger snaps, wanderlust, and honesty. She likes to abbreviate words to the frustration of many. She is also currently growing out her hair, which will hopefully be a relatively painless process free of split-ends and awkward pictures. She also finds it awkward talking about herself in the third person, but realizes that it is requisite in order to be taken seriously by the mystical hipster breed of the 21st-century.